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The unapproved 2019 Meeting Minutes have been posted to the Minutes page on the website.

2019 Minutes Posted

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Pine Point Park Association will be held on May 26, 2018 at the Rec Hall at 10am. Unapproved 2018 meeting minutes have been posted.

2019 Annual Meeting

All committee members met to review the information gathered pertaining to Lagoon Park. Ideas were presented on how to move forward and the committee will meet again on Aug. 18th to continue working on how to implement any changes for the start of the 2019 season.

Dock Committee Meeting Aug 11th

The Park Rules have proposed changes that is on the agenda to be discussed and voted on at the 2019 Annual Meeting. The proposed changes can be found here. This notice is posted here, on the Park Rules page, and the right side of every page on the website.

Proposed Park Rule Changes

Two meetings have been accomplished with members of committee and Board Officers. Two thirds of the Lagoon shore line have been surveyed and markers have been placed. Next meeting of the committee will complete the surveying. Findings and suggestions to resolve the non compliant docks will be presented to the […]

Dock Committee Update

The 2018 Annual Meeting of Pine Point Park Association will be held on May 27, 2018 at the Rec Hall at 10am. Unapproved 2017 meeting minutes have been posted.

2018 Annual Meeting

There was E. coli found in the most recent water test by the State. The water should not be used for drinking, and should be boiled before being used until further notice. UPDATE 9/25: The boil order is no longer in effect. Anyone who wants to learn about the water […]

Pine Point East Water (Updated)

The Northwood Lake Watershed Association is recruiting members to help their efforts in preserving the lake and combating the invasive milfoil. The form to become a member and/or join their email list is available for download (.docx file)

2017 NLWA Membership

The association has been contacted by Angela Nourer, a member of the Loon Preservation Committee, in regards to issues with the loons on the lake this season. “We have had a number of extra loons on the lake, in addition to our two nesting pairs. This has resulted in some […]

Injured Loon in the Pine Point Cove

Beginning at 10:30am on Monday June 13th, several areas of Northwood Lake will be treated with the herbicide Navigate (2,4-D) in order to control variable milfoil. See the map here for those areas affected. Yellow signs will be posted around the lake and abutting homeowners notified by mail. The following […]

Portions of Northwood Lake to be Chemically Treated on Monday ...