Park Rules

Please note, there are proposed rules that will be voted by the Board at the 2019 annual meeting. The existing are below:

Rules and Regulations

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Please be respectful and courteous to your neighbors and refrain from loud noise during this time.

Common Areas and Roads
Association properties may to used at your own risk.
Property owners are responsible to promptly correct any damage to the roads caused by heavy equipment traveling our roads to access their private property for construction work.

The speed limit on Association roads is 10 MPH for all vehicles, including off-road vehicles.
All vehicles parked on Association roads must be registered and operational. Unregistered or inoperable vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

There is NO lifeguard on duty at any time. Members and guest swim at your own risk.
The Association has adopted a “carry in and carry out” policy for all trash at both beaches.

Eva’s Beach – The use of the main beach is restricted to swimming only. Boating and fishing are not permitted off this beach. Boat/jet ski launching is also prohibited. Dogs are not allowed on the beach at any time. Picnic tables, gas grill, the Rec. Hall Facility, and water floats are available for use by Association members in good standing and their guests.

Sunset Beach – Primary use of this beach is for swimming. Pets are allowed on this beach.

Recreation Hall
The Recreation Hall facility is available for use by Association members in good standing. Association officers will have a key for access. The ice machines are also for use by Association members in good standing.

Animal Control & Livestock
Dogs – Dogs must be under their owner’s control when they are off the owner’s property. Owners must also control barking dogs. The Association recognizes and adopts the Town of Northwood Animal Control Ordinance (Ord. No. 10-02). All dog nuisance complaints should be reported to the Northwood Animal Control Officer or Northwood Police Department at (603) 942-8284.

Livestock — Livestock to include farm animals, roosters and horses are prohibited.

Private Property
Each property owner is responsible for the upkeep of their property.
Property owners are responsible for the removal of trash, debris and demolition material generated from their property. Transfer Station stickers may be obtained at the Northwood Town Hall.


Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Association Code of Conduct is to establish a positive atmosphere whereas each member and their guest is ultimately responsible for their own behavior. This Code will be in effect on all Association properties at all times.

  • Respect, courtesy and consideration for others. Inappropriate language or gestures, taunting, harassing, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.
  • Pride in caring for Association property and respect for the property of others. Take personal responsibility for the maintenance of a safe, orderly and clean environment. Everyone is obligated to support the well being of the community. This is your neighborhood, your investment, help make it the best it can be.

Compliance to this Code will help to avoid conflict and unruly behaviors. It is expected that members and guests take responsibility for their own conduct. Violation of this Code may result in formal complaints to the local law enforcement authorities.

The Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct may be amended by a majority vote of Board members present at any meeting, provided a copy of the proposed amendment(s) are provided to Board members in advance of a scheduled meeting. Once approved, changes must be provided to all property owners.

Adopted: 09/04/10