Prospective Buyers

Everyone in Pine Point is always eager to meet new members of the park, and we encourage you to involve yourself and family with the various park activities throughout the summer season. If you are a prospective buyer, there are a few matters that Realtors may neglect to inform you about…

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is not provided by the Association, as the Association was established and continues to run as a seasonal park. Due to this, the Association has no obligation to fund or assist in funding plowing. However, a donation is typically made each year and is voted on at the Annual Meeting. If you wish to use your property year-round, you must coordinate your own plowing.

Dock Spaces

Dock spaces are available for members in good standing (defined by a property owner’s assessment). Specific dock spaces are not included with your property, as the land they are on is owned by the Association.

The Association

Pine Point Associates, Inc. is literally run by the people for the people. For a yearly membership assessment (which is voted upon at the annual meeting), you can be a part of it. The Association maintains roads, the beach, dock spaces, and hosts many functions and gatherings throughout the season.