Injured Loon in the Pine Point Cove

The association has been contacted by Angela Nourer, a member of the Loon Preservation Committee, in regards to issues with the loons on the lake this season.

“We have had a number of extra loons on the lake, in addition to our two nesting pairs. This has resulted in some brutal loon-to-loon fights.
There is a badly injured loon against the reeds in Pine Point cove. We are watching it and hope to capture it soon, but it is still able to dive, so that makes capture difficult.”

This loon should not be approached. If it is found dead, it should not be touched. In the case it is found dead, please call Angela Nourer at 978-836-8309 and she will retrieve the deceased loon. There are rules from NH Fish and Game about the retrieval of a deceased loon.

Update: The injured loon is no longer in the cove, seemingly ejected by the other pair of loons.