Portions of Northwood Lake to be Chemically Treated on Monday June 13th, 2016

Beginning at 10:30am on Monday June 13th, several areas of Northwood Lake will be treated with the herbicide Navigate (2,4-D) in order to control variable milfoil. See the map here for those areas affected.
Yellow signs will be posted around the lake and abutting homeowners notified by mail. The following temporary restrictions will be in effect for the indicated areas only:

1. No swimming for 24 hours OR until 6/14/16 at 3pm
2. Do not use lake water for drinking, irrigation or for mixing sprays for agricultural or ornamental plants until further notice. Some irrigation restrictions may be relaxed, at the discretion of the applicator. These restrictions apply to all intakes within 1,200 feet of a treatment area.

Once post-treatment water testing is completed and found satisfactory, these restrictions will be lifted.

News post and map courtesy of NorthwoodLake.com