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The association has received information from SOLitude Lake Management regarding proposed milfoil treatment areas for the 2016 season. A PDF of the letter outlining treatment sites and other information is available for viewing.

Proposed 2016 Milfoil Treatment Areas

The Northwood Lake Watershed Association has begun a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for the treatment of milfoil in Northwood Lake. The campaign is through GoFundMe. Below is the campaign information: VARIABLE INVASIVE MILFOIL THREATENS WILDLIFE, INCLUDING LOONS AND BALD EAGLES, ON NORTHWOOD LAKE, NEW HAMPSHIRE We need your help […]


The Concord Monitor published an article about Northwood Lake (among others) that face increased costs with milfoil treatments and decreased budgets from the federal, state, and town governments. The Northwood Lake Watershed Association manages this funding and treatment of the lake.

50 Years of Milfoil

This notice is from the Northwood Lake Watershed Association. The treatment map can be seen here. This is a notice to all members that we have a scheduled herbicide (2,4-D) treatment of Northwood Lake on or around Thursday June 11th. Please look for posted notices around the lake. It is […]

Milfoil Treatment

At the 2015 annual meeting, it was determined that t-shirts will be made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pine Point Park. Kelly McInerney is handling all orders, which need to be submitted by June 13 to be created in time for the 4th of July celebration. To order, please […]

50th Anniversary T-Shirts

Mike McCarthy and Dave Stewart have turned the water on this past weekend. The system is ready to go, however, the pump is currently not powered. If water is needed, someone with the code and knowledge of how to operate the pump may turn it on. Otherwise, please contact Mike […]

Water turned on

Recently, there have been break-ins in the Gulf Road Association area and Pleasant Lake South. The Northwood Police have two suspects and some recovered property (fishing tools and equipment). A memo was sent to the Gulf Road association with contact information, and is available for review. The Gulf Road association […]

Area Break-Ins